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CV Database Overview

The CV Database (CVDB) allows you to search for suitable candidates in our database who opted to be searchable by employers. CVDB licences need to be purchased to allow access to this product. Contact your account manager if you need to purchase licences for your company.

Searching the CVDB

To use CVDB, login to x1 recruiter and click on "CV Database" on the left hand side menu under Recruiting tools:


You will see the following search form when you access CVDB:


By default you can search the following:

  • Keywords
  • Location and radius

For best results use Boolean Search operators in your key word search. Some example searches are below:

sales AND "account manager"
"front end" AND developer AND JavaScript
"sales support" OR "inside sales" OR "technical customer service"

A guide for Boolean searches is available in our recruiter resources or by searching online "CV Search using Boolean Operators"

For more search options select "More search options"

With more search options expanded, in addition to the search fields above, you can search:

  • CV last updated
  • Core skill
  • Salary sought
  • Last considered job title - this is the job title of jobs the candidate has previously applied for.
  • Past or present employer

The results of matching candidates for your search will appear as a list on the left-hand side of search results page.

You can see a quick view of candidate match rating , distance and the CV last updated indicator.

On the right-hand side the CV details of the candidate you have selected will appear with highlighted key words you searched.

You can perform actions on a single candidate within the CV details

  • Download CV
  • Add to talent pool
Additional actions below are available in Talent Pools. Place the candidates in a talent pool first to access the following features:

  • Invite to apply
  • Messaging (individual or bulk)
  • Rating candidates
  • Add candidate notes

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