Candidate Talent Pools

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You can create multiple talent pools to save suitable candidates for future consideration.

  • Candidates found whilst searching CVDB.
  • Candidates who applied for jobs and have good skill sets worth considering for future opportunities.

Creating a Talent Pool

Before you can start adding candidates you will need to create a talent pool first.

Talent Pool

  1. Click on the Talent Pools button on the left-hand menu
  2. Enter a name for your Talent Pool e.g Front End Developers
  3. Click on CREATE NEW TALENT POOL to save

Add Candidates to your Talent Pools

You can add candidates to talent pools from job applications or CV Database by clicking on "More Actions" located above the candidate summary / CV view

Select the Talent Pool you wish to add them to from the drop-down list of Talent Pool names.

Add To Talent Pool

Candidate Messaging - ​You can message and invite to apply to any live role.

  1. Within any of your talent pools select the candidates you would like to contact
  2. Click on "Page Actions" at the top of the talent pool list
  3. Click on "Invite to Apply" or "Message"
  4. Choose the job or type your message. You can edit any default text on the message
  5. Click "SEND MESSAGE"