Managing candidates in x1recruiter

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My Jobs Overview

Here you will learn how you can manage candidates who applied for your jobs. My jobs is where you can view live, drafted, closed and recently expired jobs. You can also view the candidates who have applied.

You will be able to view

  • Live jobs
  • Draft jobs
  • Recently expired jobs which expired within the last 60 days.
  • Closed jobs which have been taken off the site early. You can revive a closed job.

To access 'My jobs', click on 'Jobs Manager' under Recruiting Tools on left hand side navigation menu, this will expand the jobs manager menu as shown below:

Click 'My jobs' from the menu:

You can find any actions (eg: edit, close, revive, copy, etc) below the job cards.


Managing your candidates

When a job seeker applies for your job, you will receive an email. The job card in my jobs will update to let you know that a candidate has applied for your job as shown below:


Select the 'View X applicant' button and you will see the following screen:


You can view and switch between candidates on the left hand panel. When you select a candidate, their details will appear on the right hand panel. The right hand panel includes all the activity between you and the job seeker.

To rate a candidate, select the stars as shown below:

Rate Candidate

Candidate Status

When a candidate applies for a job, by default they are placed in a 'In review' status.

You have three options for candidates all of which use the messaging feature to candidates.

  1. Shortlist
  2. Schedule Interview
  3. Send job Offer
  4. Reject Candidate

When you select any of these options the messaging feature is used.

A pop-up box will appear for you to edit the message. Click 'SEND MESSAGE' to send the message to the candidate.

All messages to the candidate will appear in the activity feed for that candidate.

If you you need to place a candidate back in review select by select the "Move to in review" button


Messaging Candidates

You can send a message to candidates without affecting the status, for example to request a CV, by clicking on 'more actions'


Select the option to 'Send message'


By clicking the 'More actions' button you can do the following actions.

  1. Send message
  2. Add note (private note hidden from candidates)
  3. Download CV
  4. Add to talent pool

Talent Pools

Talent pools are a place to store suitable candidates in one folder or to consider again for future positions.

First you need to create the Talent pool and name it. Click on "Talent pools" then enter a name for the Talent pool and click 'Create new Talent pool'

Talent Pools

To add a candidate to a Talent pool when viewing their application. Click on 'More actions' and select the Talent pool you want to add them to.

Talent Pool2