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Getting Started

How to get access / Authentication
No authentication required. The data provided here is the same data shown on our websites, but in a JSON format.

The request must be a GET request with the URL:


Both the Headers and Body should be blank.

The [job_id] at the end of the URL must be replaced with the job id required.

If you do not know the Job ID you want to get, then you can either find it in the response of the POST response OR you can find it on our website by going to s1jobs.com, and searching for your job. Once you click on your job, the ID will be stored at the end of the URL like so:


31694587 is the Job ID.

Error Handling
You will only receive two error messages.

1. Error: 404 –This error is on your side and is likely due to an incorrect Job ID at the end of the URL.

2. Error 502 –This error is likely on our side, and you should contact our Sales Support team.

You will get the following response on a successful GET.

"company_urn": "TestCompany",
"application_email_address": "TestEmail@tester.com",
"job_description": "This is your standard test job description.",
"contract_type": "Contract",
"vacancy_id": "b8b8a89c-1875-43d6-9b8b-bf3580ca059e",
"id": 25682733,
"ask_eligibility_question": false,
"company_id": 3014528,
"canonical_url": "https://www.s1jobs.com/job/title-test-25682733",
"first_live": "Thu, 30 Sep 2021 09:56:58 GMT",
"application_method": {"application_method": "email"},
"company_name": "Test Company",
"company_confidential": 0,
"salary_low": 20000,
"job_title": "Title Test","status": "live",
"salary_high": 23000,
"salary_rate": "hourly",
"company_seo_url": "/companies/test-company-3014528",
"company": {"company_urn": "TestCompanyURN",
"company_id": 3014528,
"company_seo_url": "/companies/test-company-3014528",
"company_name": "Test Company"},
"graduate_suitable": 1,
"hours": "Part",
"apprenticeship": 1,
"salary_text": "Industry Standard",
"specialism_list": [],
"external_reference": "TestER",
"closing_date": "Mon, 29 Nov 2021 00:00:00 GMT",
"core_skill_list": [
"core_skill": "Accountancy",
"id": 1}],
"location": {"label": "Kingston, Glasgow City",
"name1": "Kingston"},
"immediate_start": 1,
"_url": "/job/title-test-25682733",
"_created": "Thu, 30 Sep 2021 09:56:57 GMT",
"_etag": "88008e36c6824dca9905f3221d8513f9",
"postcode": "G21DH"

Document Version: 09-2021