API - Posting via ATS multi-posting systems

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API User Setup

First contact sales support on 0141 302 7134 to set up a new API user for posting to s1jobs or x1jobs

You can also request by emailing customerservice@s1jobs.com

ATS Setup

  1. You will need to check if your ATS provider is already integrated to our website. You can check with your account manager or customer service when you request an API user if your ATS is already integrated. Existing provider examples are Broadbean, Idibu, Firefish and Logicmelon. There are many more providers who have the API integrated.
  2. If you're setting up a new ATS provider or a custom API directly from your business the API documentation on this page will need to be used by your developers or the ATS provider you're using.
  3. Please can you provide the link
  4. The set-up time for connecting a new jobs feed to our API is normally 4-8 weeks to allow time for your developers (or ATS provider) to build and test the jobs feed.

New API Provider - Developer Documentation

For any new setup or to check any errors on the API please use the Documentation below. We recommend you always access this link when carrying out work to ensure the most recent version is used.

API Specification v 08-2022

How to get access

To POST jobs onto one of our job boards, you will need to contact Sales Support and setup a “Company Admin” user and to setup an API user. This user will be attached to a company that you must also provide.


Sales support will provide you with a API username (key) and password (value) that you must send in your POST request. The keys are “username” and “password”.


The request must be a POST request with the URL:


In the Headers, you must send Content-Type of application/json and the Body should be JSON. The key/values for the Body will be provided later on in this document.

Error Handling

Our system will return standard error messages. A standard error message to be returned is:


"_status": "ERR",

"_error": {

"message": "username and/or password incorrect or not provided2",

"code": 403



As you can see, the code is provided along with the message of what has went wrong.

Posting Data







This will be provided by our Sales support team. This is the same as the API key.



This is the same as the API value.





This can be sent in HTML if the data needs to be formatted



1 coreskill can be sent. It must be one that is in our core skill list that is documented at the bottom of this document.

salary_low OR/AND salary_high


You can send any number here. If the number has a decimal point in it (e.g. 7.50) we round this (8). If you wish to keep 7.50, you can also send salary_text which is documented in the Optional section below.



Preferably full postcode but outcode is accepted

One of the following is also required






This will be a jumplink.



This will allow the jobseeker to use our application form on x1jobs.



This will display the phone number on the job advert page.


If the following are not sent, no default will be used.






You can add as many specialisms to your job as long as it has a relationship with the coreskill chosen above. To add multiple ones, you must send them as a list like [“specialism1”, “specialism2”].



This can be used if you want to close the job earlier than 28 days. It will close in the morning of the date sent.



“Full”, “Part”



“hourly”, “daily”, “weekly”, “yearly”, “monthly”



This will be the salary on display to the jobseeker. For example, if you don’t want to jobseeker to know the salary, then you can send this with “negotiable”. If you also want to use decimals, you can also send “£8.50” here.



“Contract”, “Permanent”, “Temporary”









This will display on the job advert page as the ‘Job Ref No’



This can be used to indicate if a job is remote, hybrid, onsite or home working. The following can be sent:

1. “Home working”

2. “Hybrid working”

3. “Remote working”

4. “Onsite working”



This must be a youtube URL. Go to your youtube video, click ‘Share’ and copy the link here. This is the link you need, not the URL in the browser.

Data Types




255 characters max.


60,000 characters max.


Decimals will be rounded.





Coreskill/Specialism data

Specialisms have a relationship with a coreskill. 1 coreskill can have many specialisms but 1 specialism can only have 1 coreskill. When sending the data, you must ensure that the specialism sent has a relationship with the coreskill also being sent otherwise it will fail.

core_skill specialism
Accountancy Audit
Accountancy Bookkeeping
Accountancy Business Services
Accountancy Corporate Finance
Accountancy Corporate Recovery / Insolvency
Accountancy Cost Accounting
Accountancy Credit Control
Accountancy External Consultancy
Accountancy Financial / Business Analysis
Accountancy Financial / Mgmt Accounting
Accountancy Fixed Asset / Capital Accounting
Accountancy Forensic Accounting
Accountancy Fund Accounting
Accountancy General Ledger
Accountancy General Practice
Accountancy Group / Consolidation Accounting
Accountancy Internal Audit / Compliance
Accountancy Investment Accounting
Accountancy Legal Accounting
Accountancy P/Ledger & Accts Payable
Accountancy Payroll
Accountancy PFI / PPP
Accountancy Project Accounting
Accountancy Risk Management / Analysis
Accountancy S/Ledger & Accts Receivable
Accountancy Snr Mgmt (Controller/Director)
Accountancy Systems Accounting
Accountancy Taxation / VAT
Accountancy Trainee / Graduate
Accountancy Treasury
Accountancy Unit Trust Accounting
Admin / Secretarial / PA Admin
Admin / Secretarial / PA Office Manager
Admin / Secretarial / PA PA
Admin / Secretarial / PA Receptionist
Admin / Secretarial / PA Secretary
Agriculture / Fishing / Forestry Agriculture
Agriculture / Fishing / Forestry Fishing
Agriculture / Fishing / Forestry Forestry
Agriculture / Fishing / Forestry Gardening
Architecture Architect
Architecture Architectural Technician
Architecture Assistant (Pt 1)
Architecture Assistant (Pt 2)
Architecture CAD Technician
Architecture Design Management
Architecture Interior Design
Architecture Landscape Architecture
Architecture Project Management
Architecture Space Planning
Architecture Technologist
Architecture Urban Planning
Architecture Visualisation
Biotechnology / Life Sciences
Call / Contact Centres Back Office
Call / Contact Centres Call Handler
Call / Contact Centres Collections
Call / Contact Centres Director
Call / Contact Centres Inbound Customer Service
Call / Contact Centres Inbound Sales
Call / Contact Centres Inbound Technical Support
Call / Contact Centres Management
Call / Contact Centres Outbound Sales
Call / Contact Centres Resource Planning
Call / Contact Centres Team Manager/Leader
Call / Contact Centres Training
Charity / Voluntary
Childcare Care Assistant
Cleaning / Domestic / Caretaking Caretaking
Cleaning / Domestic / Caretaking Cleaning
Construction / Trades Auctioneering
Construction / Trades Bricklayer
Construction / Trades Buyer
Construction / Trades Carpentry/Joinery
Construction / Trades Construction/Project Management
Construction / Trades Contract Management
Construction / Trades Electrician
Construction / Trades Engineering
Construction / Trades Estimator
Construction / Trades Facilities Management
Construction / Trades Foreman - Finishing
Construction / Trades Foreman - General
Construction / Trades Glazing
Construction / Trades Health & Safety
Construction / Trades HVAC
Construction / Trades Labourer
Construction / Trades Land Planning & Management
Construction / Trades Machine/Plant Operative
Construction / Trades Maintenance
Construction / Trades Painter/Decorator
Construction / Trades Pest Control
Construction / Trades Pipefitter
Construction / Trades Planning
Construction / Trades Plastering
Construction / Trades Plumber
Construction / Trades Roads
Construction / Trades Scaffolder
Construction / Trades Senior Management
Construction / Trades Site Management
Construction / Trades Steel Fixer
Customer Services
Driving Chauffer
Driving Delivery Driver
Driving Driver - Bus
Driving Driver - Forklift
Driving Driver - HGV
Driving Driver - LGV/Taxi/Minibus
Driving Driving Instructor
Education / Teaching Adult Education
Education / Teaching Educational Research
Education / Teaching Headships
Education / Teaching Nursery Teaching
Education / Teaching Primary Teaching
Education / Teaching Secondary Teaching
Education / Teaching Special Education
Education / Teaching Teaching Assistant
Education / Teaching TEFL
Education / Teaching University/College Lecturing
Education / Teaching Vocational Education
Emergency Services / Military / Security Ambulance
Emergency Services / Military / Security Fire
Emergency Services / Military / Security Police
Emergency Services / Military / Security Security Staff
Engineering / Technical Applications
Engineering / Technical Automotive
Engineering / Technical Aviation
Engineering / Technical Building Services
Engineering / Technical Chemical
Engineering / Technical Civil
Engineering / Technical Controls/Instrumentation
Engineering / Technical Corrosions
Engineering / Technical Design/CAD/Drafting
Engineering / Technical Electrical
Engineering / Technical Electronics
Engineering / Technical Environmental
Engineering / Technical Geotech
Engineering / Technical Health & Safety
Engineering / Technical Maintenance
Engineering / Technical Management
Engineering / Technical Manufacturing and Production
Engineering / Technical Materials Technology
Engineering / Technical Mechanical
Engineering / Technical Nuclear
Engineering / Technical Power and Renewable Energy
Engineering / Technical Process
Engineering / Technical Product Development
Engineering / Technical Quality Engineer
Engineering / Technical Rail
Engineering / Technical Structural
Engineering / Technical Subsea
Engineering / Technical Transportation
Engineering / Technical Water
Engineering / Technical Welding
Executive / Management
Financial Services / Investment Accountancy
Financial Services / Investment Actuarial
Financial Services / Investment Analysis
Financial Services / Investment Compliance
Financial Services / Investment Corporate Banking
Financial Services / Investment Customer Service
Financial Services / Investment External Consultancy
Financial Services / Investment Financial Advice
Financial Services / Investment Financial Services/Investment Admin
Financial Services / Investment IFA
Financial Services / Investment Internal Audit
Financial Services / Investment Investment Management
Financial Services / Investment Management
Financial Services / Investment Mortgages
Financial Services / Investment Operations
Financial Services / Investment Pensions Administration
Financial Services / Investment Project Management
Financial Services / Investment Relationship Management
Financial Services / Investment Research
Financial Services / Investment Retail Banking
Financial Services / Investment Risk Management
Financial Services / Investment Trading/Sales
Hairdressing / Beauty
Heritage / Culture / Library Archaeology
Heritage / Culture / Library Archive
Heritage / Culture / Library Conservation
Heritage / Culture / Library Curation
Heritage / Culture / Library Funding
Heritage / Culture / Library Librarianship
Heritage / Culture / Library Museum / Art Gallery Staff
Heritage / Culture / Library Research
Heritage / Culture / Library Theatre
Hospitality / Catering / Tourism Banqueting Management
Hospitality / Catering / Tourism Bar/Pub Management
Hospitality / Catering / Tourism Bar/Pub Staff
Hospitality / Catering / Tourism Cabin Crew
Hospitality / Catering / Tourism Catering Management
Hospitality / Catering / Tourism Catering Staff
Hospitality / Catering / Tourism Catering
Hospitality / Catering / Tourism Chefs and Cooks
Hospitality / Catering / Tourism Food and Drink Management
Hospitality / Catering / Tourism Guides
Hospitality / Catering / Tourism Head Chefs/Sous Chefs
Hospitality / Catering / Tourism Hotel Management
Hospitality / Catering / Tourism Housekeeping
Hospitality / Catering / Tourism Inspection
Hospitality / Catering / Tourism Porter
Hospitality / Catering / Tourism Receptionist/Concierge
Hospitality / Catering / Tourism Restaurant Management
Hospitality / Catering / Tourism Security Staff
Hospitality / Catering / Tourism Tour Operation
Hospitality / Catering / Tourism Travel Agency/Consultancy
Hospitality / Catering / Tourism Visitor Services Management
Hospitality / Catering / Tourism Waiter
Hospitality / Catering / Tourism Waitress
HR / Training / Recruitment Assistant/Administration
HR / Training / Recruitment Director/Management
HR / Training / Recruitment Employee Relations
HR / Training / Recruitment Generalist
HR / Training / Recruitment Health & Safety
HR / Training / Recruitment Learning & Development
HR / Training / Recruitment Organisational Development
HR / Training / Recruitment Personnel Logistics
HR / Training / Recruitment Recruitment - Inhouse
HR / Training / Recruitment Recruitment Consultancy
HR / Training / Recruitment Reward
HR / Training / Recruitment Training
Insurance Account Management
Insurance Actuarial
Insurance Broking
Insurance Claims
Insurance Legal/Compliance
Insurance Loss Adjustment
Insurance Risk Management
Insurance Underwriting
IT / Telecommunications Architecture
IT / Telecommunications Cloud
IT / Telecommunications Consultancy
IT / Telecommunications Database
IT / Telecommunications Games Development
IT / Telecommunications Infrastructure
IT / Telecommunications Management
IT / Telecommunications Networking
IT / Telecommunications Phone/Tablet Apps
IT / Telecommunications Programming
IT / Telecommunications Software Development
IT / Telecommunications Support
IT / Telecommunications Systems Analysis
IT / Telecommunications Telecomms
IT / Telecommunications Testing
IT / Telecommunications Web Design
IT / Telecommunications Web Development
Legal Company Secretary
Legal Legal Cashier
Legal Legal Secretary
Legal Paralegal/legal executive
Legal Solicitor (NQ)
Legal Solicitor (PQE 1-2)
Legal Solicitor (PQE 3-4)
Legal Solicitor (PQE 5 + )
Legal Solicitor/Advocate
Legal Trainee solicitor
Leisure / Sport / Entertainment Coaching
Logistics / Distribution Contracts & Operations Mgmt
Logistics / Distribution Couriers
Logistics / Distribution Customer Service
Logistics / Distribution Despatch/Distribution
Logistics / Distribution Freight Forwarding
Logistics / Distribution Inventory
Logistics / Distribution Loading Bay Operative
Logistics / Distribution Logistics /Supply Chain
Logistics / Distribution Packer
Logistics / Distribution Picker
Logistics / Distribution Shipping
Logistics / Distribution Sorter
Logistics / Distribution Stores Manager
Logistics / Distribution Transport Management
Logistics / Distribution Warehouse Management
Logistics / Distribution Warehouse Operative
Logistics / Distribution Waste Management
Marketing / PR Account Handling
Marketing / PR Brand Management
Marketing / PR Copywriting
Marketing / PR Creative
Marketing / PR Digital
Marketing / PR Direct Marketing
Marketing / PR Events
Marketing / PR Market Research / Planning
Marketing / PR Media Planning / Buying
Marketing / PR PR / Corporate Communications
Marketing / PR Production / Traffic
Marketing / PR Sales Promotion
Marketing / PR Social Media
Media / Design Advertising
Media / Design Animation
Media / Design Art Direction / Set Design
Media / Design Audio / Dubbing
Media / Design Book Buying
Media / Design Broadcast Technician
Media / Design Camera Operation
Media / Design Circulation
Media / Design Commissioning - TV
Media / Design Engineering Management
Media / Design Fashion/Textile Design
Media / Design Graphic Design/Layout
Media / Design Journalism - Broadcast
Media / Design Journalism - Print/Online
Media / Design Library
Media / Design Lighting
Media / Design Music
Media / Design Photography
Media / Design Presentation / Voiceover
Media / Design Printing
Media / Design Programme Planning
Media / Design Publishing
Media / Design Radio
Media / Design Research - Editorial
Media / Design Rights Management
Media / Design Sound Engineering
Media / Design Technical Writing
Media / Design TV/Film Production / Directing
Media / Design Video Editing
Media / Design Web Design / Production
Medical / Dental / Health Care Animal Care
Medical / Dental / Health Care Dental Nursing
Medical / Dental / Health Care Director / Management
Medical / Dental / Health Care Medical and Dental
Medical / Dental / Health Care Nursing
Medical / Dental / Health Care Occupational Therapy
Medical / Dental / Health Care Optical
Medical / Dental / Health Care Pharmacists
Medical / Dental / Health Care Professional
Medical / Dental / Health Care Professions Allied to Medicine
Medical / Dental / Health Care Veterinary
Oil / Gas Chemical Engineering
Oil / Gas Civil Engineering
Oil / Gas Commercial/Financial/Legal
Oil / Gas Commissioning (Oil & Gas)
Oil / Gas Design
Oil / Gas Document Control (Oil & Gas)
Oil / Gas Drilling
Oil / Gas Electrical Engineering
Oil / Gas Facilities Engineering
Oil / Gas Geosciences/Exploration
Oil / Gas HSE/Quality
Oil / Gas Logistics
Oil / Gas Maritime
Oil / Gas Materials Engineering/Metallurgy
Oil / Gas Mechanical Engineering
Oil / Gas Operations (Oil & Gas)
Oil / Gas Pipelines
Oil / Gas Process Engineering
Oil / Gas Procurement
Oil / Gas Production Engineering
Oil / Gas Project Engineering (Oil & Gas)
Oil / Gas Sales/Marketing
Oil / Gas Structural Engineering (Offshore)
Oil / Gas Subsea/Subsurface/ROV/Diving
Product Management
Production / Manufacturing Health & Safety
Production / Manufacturing Management
Production / Manufacturing Quality Control
Production / Manufacturing Semi-Skilled Operator
Production / Manufacturing Skilled Operator
Production / Manufacturing Supervisor/Team Leader
Project Management
Property Asset/Property Management
Property Estate Agency - Commercial
Property Estate Agency - Residential
Property Lettings
Property Property Management
Property Surveyor - Other
Property Surveyor - Quantity
Retail Area/Regional Management
Retail Butcher
Retail Department Management
Retail Fishmonger
Retail Operations Management
Retail Sales Advisor
Retail Sales Assistant
Retail Sales Manager
Retail Store Management
Retail Visual Merchandiser
Sales Account Manager
Sales Business Development
Sales Car Sales
Sales Field Sales
Sales Property
Sales Sales Assistant
Sales Sales Manager

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